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RADIONOVA RF Modules from Antenova designed for wearable M2M applications
29 April 2016
The M10578-A3 operates on a versatile 2.8V-4.2V supply with low power consumptio......

Anglia and Gemalto M2M Java workshop
13 October 2015
Gemalto M2M, in partnership with Anglia M2M, have organised a FREE two day Java ......

Antenova announces Sinica - a novel embedded antenna for accurate positioning and high performance in GNSS devices globally
08 October 2015
Antenova has announced a new, embedded GNSS antenna, named 'Sinica', which opera......

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As M2M technology plays an ever increasing and beneficial role within our lives, from remote metering and monitoring through to security, tracking and cashless payment, anglia M2M is able to deliver an effective product solution for the numerous applications in this rapidly growing market and provide full technical support.


Automotive & E-Toll

GSM technology improves safety on roads.


Secure international payment transactions.

Remote Maintenance & Monitoring

The future of services – remote maintenance and monitoring.

WLL, Routers & Gateways

Making more flexible connections - GSM technology and the fixed network.


Obtain metering data anytime using M2M technology.


GSM technology protects people and property.

Mobile Computing

High-speed mobile computing.

Tracking and Tracing

You can constantly monitor your goods traffic thanks to GSM technology.
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