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What is ZigBee?

ZigBee was created to address the market need for a cost-effective, standards-based wireless networking solution that supports low data-rates, low-power consumption, security and reliability.

  • ZigBee comprises of a global alliance of companies
  • Founded in 2002, the alliance now has 15 Promoters, including Ember, with over 200 Participants and Adopters in 24 countries spanning 6 continents
  • It provides a specification for interoperable, low-cost wireless device communication

ZigBee Applications

ZigBee applications are varied and the flexibility of the stack includes the option to include Manufacturer Specific Protocols. However, for key markets, application profiles are available for the following product areas:

Smart Metering – The smart metering profile has been developed with features such as metering support, demand response and load control support, pricing support, text message support and security. Click here for more information.

Home Automation – The Home Automation profile is the first application space where multiple products from multiple vendors are truly interoperable allowing users to mix and match products to enhance their digital lifestyle. Lighting control, thermostats, occupancy and motion sensors, security systems, door and window sensors, as well as fixed and mobile keypads all occupy the ZigBee home automation space and can be bound together to make sophisticated home automation behaviours.

Other application profiles are under consideration.

Anglia offers a comprehensive range of ZigBee products. Click here to view the full range available on Anglia Live

For the latest information on the application profiles please contact zigbee@anglia.com



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