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You can constantly monitor your goods traffic thanks to GSM technology


High energy prices, the increasing need for security and growing competition are factors that drive the demand for efficient solutions to problems sky-high in the logistics industry — both inside an organisation and with respect to distribution traffic. Used together with GPS, today’s GSM technology makes it possible to track down and trace vehicles, goods shipments, employees, and mobile resources. It therefore supports logistics companies that need to constantly monitor the flow of goods they transport. The supply chain gains transparency as a result, along with the entire range of business processes involved in an operation.

Tracking and tracing — The exact location of goods and even stolen vehicles can be pinpointed and reconstructed by means of GPS and radio cell location. Data can be exchanged between the control centre and the tracking object in real time over the GSM network.

Monitoring — Via GSM communication, details about the condition an object is in can be transmitted to headquarters, such as the current temperature of goods in transit, any damage they have suffered, or the speed at which they are travelling.

Alerts while in transit — Help can be quickly provided in the event of an accident or goods being damaged thanks to alerts that are transmitted automatically.

Route optimisation in real time — Including up-to-date traffic information in your scheduling will save you time, money, and aggravation when you’re under constant time pressure.

Safeguarding people — GPS localisation coupled with GSM communication helps keep children, elderly people, and pets safe.

Pay per use — Car insurers can offer their clients policies based on the way their vehicles are actually used, and so can reduce their costs.

Gemalto produces special M2M modules designed for tracking applications, which go far beyond international frequency borders.

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