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GSM technology protects people and property


The basic human need for security is more keenly felt than ever today, in an age of increasingly open borders, growing urbanisation and frequent indifference to those in danger. These developments have motivated many individuals and businesses to invest more heavily in security technology. The implementation of GSM technology in alarm systems, for instance, is significantly improving security, speeding up the transmission of alarm signals and propelling innovation in the security sector.
Twofold security net – GSM technology makes existing systems more secure and extends their range of functions by connecting new sensors and enabling their data to be transmitted.

Flexibility – Alarm systems capable of GSM communication can be installed anywhere quickly and easily, even by the users themselves. And, as they require no additional elaborate installation of transmission lines and are completely independent of fixed-line networks, they can be taken along in the case of a move.

Expansion of the security technology market – the introduction of wireless alarm technology into security systems and the ease with which it can be retrofitted is leading to growth in the entire security solutions market.

Remote configuration – GSM communication allows security systems to be conveniently configured, updated, and switched on and off from a distance.

Localisation – In combination with GPS or cellular-network positioning in security modules, GSM can be used to track and pinpoint the location of people in need, stolen vehicles, children, pets or property. In an emergency situation, it can significantly speed up reaction times.

Video streaming and video surveillance – other 3G standards like UMTS, HSDPA and HSUPA ensure the high-quality transmission of surveillance images.

M2M technology from Gemalto incorporates all communications functions relevant to security issues, including data transmission, listen-in functions on voice channels, high-performance battery management systems in modules, and long standby times. Since the modules are extremely compact, they can be easily built into small devices and are less likely to be spotted by thieves.

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