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Secure international payment transactions


Cashless payment by means of credit/debit cards or the NFC functionality featured in today’s mobile phones is gaining acceptance. Mobile GSM technology is also being increasingly employed in this area. A taxi ride or pizza delivered to your door can now be paid for conveniently via a mobile phone transaction, for example, and snacks, drinks, or train tickets can be bought at vending machines. This trend is being facilitated by the existence of SEPA (Single European Payment Area), a project with the aim of introducing cashless payment practices to 31 countries in Europe. GSM technology is the key to a host of innovative applications:

Highly flexible POS systems — POS devices can be installed in open areas where telephone lines are absent, for example. Or they can be operated at peak times in addition to conventional phone lines, which makes them flexible as well as simple to use.

Efficient remote maintenance — Vending machines and the goods they are stocked with can be monitored and checked remotely, and determining turnover and sales tax levels can be done automatically as well.

Secure transactions — GSM technology enables payment data to be transmitted securely and reliably.

Gemalto produces robust, secure, and dependable M2M equipment to facilitate unlimited mobile payment transactions.

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