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Obtain metering data anytime using M2M technology  


The competition’s hot in the markets of the utility industry right now, and customers are increasingly feeling the need to keep their energy consumption habits under control as well. Greater transparency as regards pricing is also being called for in various countries today. Electricity, gas, water, and heat distribution companies can make their business processes more efficient and cost-effective by means of remote metering thanks to M2M technology. At the same time, the M2M field gives them the opportunity to enhance their range of services and increase the benefits to customers, thereby gaining clear competitive advantages.

Flexible pricing models - No more paying in instalments, and your meters can literally be read out whenever you want. Prices can also be adapted to account for seasonal variations in consumption or customer habits.

More efficient invoicing - The consumer data available is always up-to-date, which makes billing simpler and cheaper to do. Customer response times are faster, and customers unwilling to pay their bills can be cut off very easily if need be.

New business models - M2M provides the basis for services such as power-by-call. What’s more, it’s able to transform the customer’s power meter into a high-speed hub for accessing the Internet from home or work.

Remote monitoring - Meters on customer premises are constantly monitored, so the utility company can react to any manipulation or damage to them immediately. Also customers can track via internet daily or hourly consumption and adopt or change their habits. Data can even be transmitted from meters located at sites that are hard to access.

The very latest M2M technology produced by Gemalto has Java™ support, it facilitates rapid data transmission with EDGE and HSDPA, it provides comprehensive customer support, and it helps you put new products on the market in a shorter time.



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