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GSM technology improves safety on roads


When employed in road networks, GSM technology helps improve the flow of traffic and makes it possible to use intelligent telematics services that improve drivers’ safety, provide them with information, and allow their vehicles to be maintained more efficiently. Germany’s toll system for trucks operates on the basis of GSM technology. Ultramodern electronic navigation systems and emergency call systems incorporated in vehicles make wireless communication possible and have a localisation feature named “eCall” that enables drivers to track down the nearest rescue centre if need be.

The requirements that the automobile industry has to meet are extremely high today. Wireless modules made by Gemalto meet the following criteria, for instance:

Facilitating integration
- The open-standard development platform allows engineers to utilise various components for their applications, which saves a significant amount of time and expense in product development.

Ruggedness - Gemalto’s modules are designed to cope with demanding conditions in motor vehicles, which is why they are extremely robust and heat-resistant.

Conforming to standards - Gemalto is certified to ISO/TS 16949, and its modules support all of the quality standards of relevance to the automotive industry.

Reflecting years of industry experience - Gemalto, formerly known as Siemens Wireless Modules, profits from its lengthy and close collaboration with renowned carmakers.

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